The boss of yourself

Be polite but persistent when you are the one asking for help. Don’t sell yourself short or stop shy of securing the assistance you seek. Be bold enough to ask. Be clear about what you need and specifically how someone can help you. Simply leaving a voicemail is not enough effort and reassuring yourself that “you tried” is a cop-out; ensuring your request is actually heard and responded to is the minimum you should hold yourself to. If you get no answer, then ask again or call again or walk over there and talk face to face. Don’t expect the helper to chase you – you do the chasing. It’s you who needs the help not them, so hold yourself to the very high bar of securing it versus the low one of just waiting for them to call you back, and feeling hurt when they don’t. C’mon! Humility and persistence won’t cost you anything, but low initiative could deny you some upside.


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