Slow down and plan

I received a record too many speeding tickets this year – paid too much in fines and even lost driving privileges for a month :-(. Even for Germany, land of the ultra-fast autobahn, that feels like too much. Frustrating waste of money and time, not to say highly inconvenient. Even more laughable, I can’t remember what I was speeding to on all those occasions. Now I am eyeing more mail and some more bad news, I think. We love buzzwords in business and Speed is one in vogue. I am all for it, trust me, but Speed that is not considered, purposeful, in service of a clear objective or value add, well executed or that creates new dire consequences, is pointless. Speed should also be systemic – multiple parts need to accelerate together – so is maximized in teamwork. A hunter must shoot fast, but still gets the target in the cross hairs before the trigger is pulled. Too often I see Speed substituted for better planning and more organizational alignment and this creates more or bigger problems than positive outcomes down the road. If Speed to you has simply meant going fast, with little or no clarity, plan or purpose as to why, where and how, then try slowing down instead – it’s likely more efficient.


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