Power of confidence

We all have our bad days, but never underestimate the generative power of CONFIDENCE. As a leader or as an individual know how to create it or where to find it and, definitely, how to use it. In crisis, it is easy to infect the team or yourself with pessimism, but it is precisely the time to most show or find optimism, if you want to keep moving forward. And, not only the boss can have it, or give it, it can come from anyone. In my career I have had my share of times when I felt underwater and low on confidence. And I have had many – bosses, peers, senior and junior team members, assistants – to thank for pulling me up and leading me out of chaos and ultimately to very successful outcomes. So if your team is down in the dumps give them the gift of a steady hand, a steady voice and steady focus on the vision, no matter your role in the team. No feat of exceptionalism was pulled off without a stubborn “can do” belief in the face of immense odds. At the same time, please respect and never underestimate or ignore the destructive power of lack of confidence. RealWinTips

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