On your mark, get set, plan

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated the day, wherever you are! Suddenly, 2019 is around the corner, so over the next month find time to describe how it will be your year. Bring closure to the old. If you can, don’t simply roll over unfinished business into 2019. Close the year and also ask yourself – What did I learn? Recall your long term aspirations and assess if you are reaching for them or achieving them. Tweak them as needed. Identify what has been holding you back from making the progress you desire and decide how to remove or bypass the obstacles in your way. Review your network of close friends, advisors, associates etc. and affirm that each of these relationships is positively impacting you. Overall, be ready to make tough calls, and more importantly, be ready to act on them. 1. Close and learn from the past 2. Recommit to your dreams 3. Bypass obstacles 4. Strengthen your team Write your own script. RealWinTips

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