In this festive period, everyone shows up at work with a bright smile and a professional face, but remember that some have personal struggles going on. Reach out and let them know you care and have them in mind. In 2018, I made many work and personal trips to Boston. Each time, when I strolled through Harvard Square, I recalled again a moment over 16 years ago when I was in business school. I was walking past a store and panhandler who always stood by the door was in his usual spot but this time he seemed to be tightly hugging a woman whose head was on his shoulder. He had a confused look on his face. The sight stood out because she was very well dressed – maybe someone on her way to or from work. As I walked by I heard him saying “Lady, I don’t know who you are or what is going on. But you can cry on my shoulder.” Until today one of the most powerful moments I have ever witnessed. We all have something else going on – some more severe than others. Keep this in mind if someone is not their usual self or distracted at work. Always be empathetic. Find a way to be supportive or reach out and give them a shoulder to lean on. RealWinTips

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