Fear – it’s in the head

This is a footbridge in the tiny village of Slap ob Idrijci in Slovenia. It connects the main road to the opposite side of a strong flowing river. We arrived here yesterday at dusk in heavy rain and we had to make it over its rickety, bouncy 80 meter span and 30 meter height with luggage and two kids, well aware of the loose boards and flowing water beneath our feet. On the other side, a nice warm farmhouse and our beautiful elderly hosts (who have utmost confidence in their bridge), but nonetheless a nerve racking traverse marked with an overwhelming instinct to find another place to stay. The bridge was less intimidating this morning and even less so tonight – the same exact structure. Similarly, the path to a goal or a new beginning is often just as unclear, fraught with uncertainty and terrifying, but not impassable. And dwelling on the worst possibilities could make us walk away from better opportunities. How often do you lose sight of your ambition or something you desire by focusing too much on the challenging process to get to it. How often do you just take the easy way out and abandon your dream? What is your experience overcoming a difficult process or journey in order to get to a better place? RealWinTips

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