Bring it on

I had a boss years ago who was a big believer that you have to create the right time and inspiring spaces to drive big thinking. I have been a convert since but this is easier said than done, distracted as managers are by tactical crises, jet-setting to/from meetings or just being limited by T&E budgets or office cultures that think that being huddled at your desk is the only way real work happens. Last night, in a series of discussions, two social entrepreneurs from Ghana and Ethiopia, an American artist living in Johannesburg, a former GE executive from Italy well-travelled in Africa, also living in Johannesburg and a Sierra Leonean-American living in Germany, sat in the serene and perfect twilight of Pamplemousses, a small Mauritian town carpeted with sugar cane farms, and brainstormed ways in which we could, and would, help create Africa’s next generation of leaders. Eventually, we paused and took in our surroundings – reflecting on a bright moon, peeking out from behind fluffs of dark clouds, a perfect metaphor for the moment. Big vision and open skies – Inspiring and Productive.


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