Unfortunately, bullies exist in the workplace too. Just like in social media or in the playground, they never pick on their size or their match but prey on those they perceive to be weak or different. Just like in the playground, they feel insecure and vulnerable about something in themselves, so they attack repeatedly, because they draw energy from it. But, like in the playground, they can be countered… -Stand up for yourself and don’t let them wear you down or subdue you. -Engage them directly and objectively, and challenge them to articulate and justify their positions with substance. -Talk to others, including HR or managers, about them and build a support network bigger than them. -Focus on your work quality and let it speak for you and don’t let the detractors define it for you. -And yes, tough I know, engage them about their underlying fears and see if collaboration with them can bring them some relief. -Most of all, own your own reactions – stay civil and avoid cynical jabbing, never try to bully back and lower yourself to their level. Be the truly bigger person. RealWinTips

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